Top 6 reasons sales reps do not engage with CRM systems

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Today there are many options available to companies to manage their customers. While every CRM claim to have all the fixes to customer management there is one thing for sure, almost all sales reps are allergic to data entry! Why do we find it so difficult to use a tool that’s supposedly customised to make […]

Why most bosses need to be told to “Mind their own Business”

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Right now, there are bosses working hard, long hours, back to back meetings, late nights and totally exhausted trying to work in the business. Their sleeves are rolled up fixing problems, firefighting, nose stuck in almost all meetings, reading endless update emails, micromanaging their teams or even worse not managing them at all. This can […]

7 Ways To Utilize Your Sales Teams During The Covid-19 Restrictions

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There are many B2B sales teams across the globe grounded at the moment so I put together some guidance of how to utilize your sales and business development teams during these challenging times. 1. Communication: During this unprecedented time, the most important role of the sales teams and its leaders is consistent, transparent communication to […]