Working from home during covid-19

7 Ways To Utilize Your Sales Teams During The Covid-19 Restrictions

There are many B2B sales teams across the globe grounded at the moment so I put together some guidance of how to utilize your sales and business development teams during these challenging times.

1. Communication:

During this unprecedented time, the most important role of the sales teams and its leaders is consistent, transparent communication to the existing customer base. Clients need to feel some level of control and be reassured that all possible measures are being put in place to protect their supply chain. One of the best things you can do right now is “TALK to your customers regularly”. This may mean scheduling a daily or weekly online meeting depending on each individual circumstance. By doing this, both organizations will gain a greater understanding of each other’s challenges and can actively work together to find the most feasible solutions. One-way communication will not work in this current Covid-19 crisis, customers must also be transparent on their challenges and the possible implications on their suppliers. As we are reminded daily, we are all in this together and we, as medical device manufacturers and service providers are responsible for protecting the industry and its patients.

2. Review:

For sales leaders, it is a good time to review your strategy and sales plan. I am sure the coronavirus pandemic has majorly impacted many companies’ goals and objectives across the globe. Now is the time to review this, adjust it and consider what actions are needed to either aid the recovery of the current plan or implement a totally new strategy.

3. Find Ways:

Organize online “Products/Services Improvement Meetings” with your clients, there is always time to review past performances to discover improvement opportunities that will further develop your partnerships and grow your business. This type of meeting enables conversations about new business, diversifying the products/services they purchase from you, developing new products and aligning on product or market segments for mutual benefits.

It helps companies find out what their customer actually wants from a supplier and of course there is room for showcasing what’s new, innovative or changing in your company. Learn about the stakeholders and their buying processes and gain a greater understanding of how they evaluate and make decisions on projects.

4. Training:

We all want to learn more, but somehow training can be a little neglected in busy times. This is a great time to hold online training for your teams and there are lots that can be done, from product training, sales process training, communication and negotiation skills, to dealing with conflict etc, the list is endless and the time spent doing this will be of great benefit in the future.

5. Research:

Use this time to find new potential customers in existing or new markets. Research the companies and understand as much as you can about them. Identify the right contacts and plan your approach. Fine tune your pitch, know your USP, so when the time is right, you communicate clearly and effectively opening the door to new opportunities.

6. Systems House Keeping:

Yes, most of us find this boring I know… but it is essential, and there is never time to do it or at least a million excuses as to why it is not done! Use this time to finally get it done.

  • Update your contacts data base
  • Clean up your CRM
  • Improve the sales processes

 7. Stay Connected:

It is vital that sales leaders and their teams stay in touch. Develop and agree on the means of communication that is mutually beneficial and set goals and objectives for the critical tasks at hand. This will enable fluid communication, allows people to feel involved and helps everyone stay focused and motivated.

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