World Leaders in Micro Mold® Manufacturing Solutions


About Accumold...

The demand for high-precision, miniaturized parts is booming across various industries, especially in medical devices and microelectronics. This trend has driven significant interest in micro molding, a specialized injection molding process for creating incredibly small, intricate components.

While part size is certainly a factor, Accumold goes beyond simple dimensions to define true micro molding. Our expertise lies in achieving micron-level tolerances and exceptionally complex geometries, consistently delivering flawless results.

We understand the confusion surrounding micro molding terminology (micro molding, micromolding, micro moulding) and the various definitions you might encounter. At Avem, we're proud to partner with Accumold, a recognized leader in this field. Their commitment to innovation and precision ensures you receive:

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Micro-molded parts with tolerances down to microns.
  • Superior Detail: The ability to produce intricate features impossible with traditional methods.
  • High-Speed Production: Efficient processes for cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing.

World Leaders in Micro Mold® Manufacturing Solutions


Parts made with our Micro Mold® process range in size from just microns to a half inch (13 mm). These components often have complex geometry and very tight tolerances-with no margin for error.

Micro Mold


Small parts are slightly larger than those within micro mold classifications: from a half inch to about 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) in diameter and made from a one-ounce shot of material.

Small Mold


Accumold can mold plastic on and around various types of metals, plastics, fabrics, foils and complex components without damaging or warping the structure in any way.

Lead Frame/ Insert Molded Parts


Allowing manufacturers to disrupt the way that a product is designed, developed, and manufacture: offering the opportunity to take advantage of the design and production of extremely complex geometries at no additional cost.

Micro 3D Printing

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