Contract Sales Management

Leading your sales organisation

Avem helps B2B medical technology companies organise and structure their sales department by offering Sales Director leadership on a contract basis.

This solution is ideal for companies that want refreshed input into their sales strategy and develop their sales teams. In many SME companies the managing director wears many hats including the sales director role, other companies may not be in a position to hire a full time sales director and choose this option that best suits their budget while still availing of all of the experience and knowledge of a sales director.


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Sales Team Development

In many organisations, sales teams are remote and located across the globe, more often the sales team is disconnected from the manufacturing site and levels of experience can vary. Corporations struggle to integrate their remote teams and leverage from their cross functional experience. At Avem, we work with your team to establish a rhythm of uniformity. We help with the integration of the teams into the corporation to improve interdepartmental communications and improve the sales process.

In working with your sales team, we gain a good understanding of the knowledge and expertise of your sales teams and learn about their style of doing business. The aim of this is to create a high standard way of doing business for example, ways to effectively manage their time, how to prepare and execute a strategic customer meeting , gathering customer intelligence , how to navigate large corporations in order to reach key decision makers and even ensuring the best return from networking opportunities. We establish areas for development that best suits your needs.

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Accountability & Reporting

At Avem, we work with your sales team providing structure and accountability to improve communications across the organisation and provide key data that will help you plan more effectively for your business needs. The accuracy of the data supplied by your sales team is critical. Working with your team, we establish the platforms to enable accuracy of forecast and pipeline management along with department key performance indicators and tools for customer management.

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Develop new ways to sell

We know the importance of finding new innovative ways to sell your product/service. Avem work with our clients in several ways to help you on this journey. Starting with auditing your current sales methods where we do a full review of your current sales approach and methods, we facilitate brainstorming and workshop sessions to discover new ways to sell your products/services that best suit your corporation and sales network.

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Improve Internal and External Communication

We understand that from time to time communications can be a challenge, communications can be strained even further when your sales teams are disconnected from the everyday operations. This can lead to some interdepartmental conflict and gaps in communications to your customers. Avem work with your sales teams guiding them on how best to report their information to their peers and the executives.

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Customised Training

Expertise and sales style vary within a sales team. At Avem we provide custom training for your teams in terms of preparing executive level reports, presentation skills, customer intelligence, CRM management, developing & executing a sales plan. Training is developed based on each client need and level of experience.

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Mentoring & Support

Throughout the process, Avem supports their client by providing Director level advice for any challenges and constraints being experienced that may be preventing progress and the development of the sales team and sales strategy. We see our service as a long term partnership and we encourage our clients to use us as a sounding board where needed even after the process is completed.

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Benefits of a Contract Sales Director:

Sales teams are a vital resource within organisations and are most likely involved in the first customer experience with your organisation.

Developing and managing teams effectively can be the difference in winning and losing opportunities and long term partnerships.