Develop Your Sales Plan

Domestic and International

Many companies struggle in getting clarity around sales plans and their alignment to the corporate strategy, at Avem we have a simple but structured approach to sales planning.

Focusing the organisation to achieve common goals and objectives provides a clarity to all departments on the company vision and their mission and role in helping to achieve those goals. Regardless of any plan you develop, you need to know what the end goal is. It is especially vital for the sales plan. Sales plans must have buy in from all key stakeholders and is not solely owned by the sales team. For effective sales planning, the targets must be directed from the top down while incorporating and leveraging from the knowledge and expertise of your team.

Avems strategic approach to align sales plans with the wider company strategy
Avems Approach to helping medical technology companies develop a sales plan

Benefits of a sales plan

Provides organisations the opportunity to reflect on where they are and where they want to go

Helps to narrow down and focus on realistic strategies based on the company constraints

It provides an opportunity to diversify if needed

Brings clarity on vision and mission of the organisation

Provides sales teams with their targets and tasks to implement

All departments understand their role and responsibility in implementing the plan successfully

The leadership team can develop and implement any investment and complementary strategy plans required to achieve the goals

Helps to improve culture by enabling collaboration, a sense of involvement and accountability throughout the organisation

Provides clear guidance to marketing so that a complimentary and aligned marketing plan can be developed