Sales & Marketing Alignment

Maximise results from your marketing efforts

Defining your strategic marketing objectives?

Effective marketing spend starts with clear and realistic goals regarding the goals you wish to achieve.

These may include:

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At Avem Market Solutions we work regularly with internal and external marketing teams to define goals, plans and budgets for your business

Developing theRight Market Strategy

Sometimes your business needs the right marketing strategy before larger resources are invested in sales and marketing.

Do you need help in the following areas:

If you wish to ensure your sales and marketing strategy is truely aligned, speak with us. We can help.

Marketing Plans that are managed and measured!

It used to be said that “50% of marketing was measurable, but you would never know which 50%.” Not any longer! A well integrated sales and marketing plan clearly defines:

  1. What elements are important to measure
  2. How you will measure them
  3. What the return on investment is over the lifecycle of your business


Building solid, scheduled marketing plans which integrated with sales plans is what we do. If you are frustrated by the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, let’s talk.

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