Sales Process Optimisation

Convert higher quality leads

At Avem we believe that the sales process is not just about moving leads through a funnel.

The sales process is far more complex and should include all the departments that touch the business before, during and after the sale. We take a holistic approach to the sales process by understanding your business throughout the complete sales cycle.

4 ways we help:

Avem recognise that each company has different needs depending on their strategy, products, services and industry. We see the need to understand your business as a critical element of all the services offered. We work with the leadership team to gain an understanding of the companies USP, its markets, products/services, customer and competitor profiles and the internal structures and sales process in order to provide the best possible service to your organisation.

Avem carry out a detailed audit of your current sales process from lead generation to invoicing through a series of group workshops and brainstorming sessions. Our inclusive approach provides the platform for the best possible outcome and by involving the various stakeholders within each department improvements are generally more robust and easier to implement.

Propose Improvements

Leveraging from the details gathered by understanding your business and the current sales process, Avem provides proposals and options on improvements and advise on any critical gaps that require immediate attention. From there, we work with our clients to determine the next steps and scope of work.

Manage the implementation

Our work does not stop at identifying the gaps and opportunities for improvement. Avem plan and manage the implementation of the changes and improvements providing support and guidance to the various teams throughout the journey.

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Benefits of a structured sales process

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For great results“Understanding your business is OUR business”