Accelerating Sales for B2B Medical Device Companies

Specialising in Contract Design & Manufacturing for Minimally Invasive & Surgical Devices

About Avem

Avem is a B2B Contract Sales & Business Development company based in Galway, Ireland, one of the leading medical technology hubs in Europe.

Focused solely on the medical technology sector, we support Irish and international medical technology companies to grow their sales in existing and new markets. We become an extension of your sales team – driving sales with existing & new customers.

Our technical sales professionals have a vast network of contacts and established trusted relationships enabling us to support sales strategies in key markets including Ireland & Europe, UK, Israel and USA.

We represent established contract design & manufacturing companies of varying sizes and at different phases of the supply chain from components, sub-assemblies & finished devices which means we have many options and supply solutions for CDMOs and OEMS alike. 


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What We Offer?

We understand that finding the right salesperson with the skillset and experience required can be difficult and expensive, especially in a new market.


All of the companies that partner with Avem and join our Suppliers to Medtec portfolio benefit from our team's experience in developing sales and driving new business without all the headaches of managing a remote salesperson or sales team.

There are several ways we work with our new clients depending on their requirements including:

  • Contract Sales & Business Development
  • Create new sales opportunities in new markets
  • Manage and grow existing accounts.
  • New market strategy development & research
  • Developing and executing on new market entry strategies & sales plans
  • Professional representation of our client companies at strategic networking and tradeshow events

What makes us different?


We have over 25 years’ experience in technical sales and
business development working with all the top Medical Device multinationals and SMEs globally.


We are based in the hub of the medical device sector in Galway Ireland and are ideally located for access to the European and other international markets

Our Network

With our vast network of contacts, we can accelerate the
time it takes to access key target customers.


We partner with our clients and become an extension of your sales team, this promotes confidence with your customers, and allows them access to a reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable representative of your company in the market.

Alignment of Sales Expertise with Products/Services

We identify and match our sales professional with our clients product/service offering, ensuring that the opportunity for success is set at the very foundations of our journey.


Save costs on office set up and required collateral, payroll, healthcare benefits and Human Resource management and other responsibilities that come with hiring a direct sales person. Reduce your tradeshow costs by co exhibiting with our full portfolio of client companies and leverage from the cross-selling experience.


At Avem, our technical sales experience includes many aspects of medical device contract design and manufacturing for minimally invasive and surgical products including electronically enabled medical devices & wearable connected health products. Our knowledge and experience in a variety of medical applications, materials and manufacturing processes allows us to effectively engage with R&D and commercial teams across the industry.

Injection Moulding

Micro Moulding

Over Moulding

Additive Manufacturing

Extrusions & Coatings

EMS & Fibre Optic Sensors

Medical Balloons

Micro Manufacturing

Machined Components

Flexible & Rigid Packaging

Speciality Wire Components

Mandrels, Trocars & Metal Tubing

Hypotube Laser Processing

Custom Metrology Solutions

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Structural Heart


Peripheral Vascular





Vascular Access

Surgical Spine





Wearable Connected Health


Vascular Access & Closure Devices

Guidewires and Complex Catheters

Electro-mechanical Devices

Ablation Devices

Thrombectomy Devices

Pain Management

Biopsy Products

Orthopaedic Implants

Wearable Connected Health


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Avem's Suppliers to Medtec Portfolio

Our current portfolio includes Suppliers to Medtec and cutting edge platform technology companies. There are many contract design and manufacturing solutions for minimally invasive and medsurg devices from concept development and product design services, through to precision manufacturing and contract metrology solutions for plastic and metal components, complex catheters and accessories, electro-mechanical devices and off the shelf finished products.

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Confidentiality and Protecting our Clients Interests are Critical to our Business

All client information is treated with utmost respect. Our non-compete approach coupled with our partnering process ensures that we do not take on clients with competing products or services to existing client companies. Any conflicts of interest are identified through our partnering process and are shared with transparency during the evaluation process with potential clients.