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Tailored Metrology Services and Solutions

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About VERUS Metrology...

Verus Metrology Partners offer tailored measurement solutions that cater to your unique project needs while ensuring a seamless and productive experience. Verus prioritize increasing efficiency, throughput, and profitability in the provision of Metrology Solutions and Subcontract Services.

Subcontract Metrology Services

Get the metrology services you need, tailored to the medical device industry and your specific requirements. With access to a wide range of equipment in their well-equipped metrology labs, including CMMs and vision systems from leading vendors like Zeiss, OGP, Hexagon, Mitutoyo, and Renishaw, you can benefit from shorter timescales and receive higher quality solutions. 

services include:

  • Turnkey Metrology Solutions
  • Gage R&R
  • CMM Programming
  • Dimensional Metrology & Inspection Services
  • First Article Inspection & Process Validation

Custom Fixturing

Ensure accurate, repeatable, and reproducible inspection processes with a fully tailored metrology fixture. One of the key advantages of working with Verus is their ability to conduct equivalency testing in-house. They ensure that a newly designed and manufactured metrology fixture is installed on a CMM that is equivalent to the equipment you have in your facility. This approach streamlines the process, saving you valuable time on your project.

By providing fully optimized routines, conducting Gage R&R studies, and completing all validation and verification processes before the fixture is sent to your facility, we ensure that the fixture arrives qualified and ready to use. This helps eliminate delays and bottlenecks in your measurement processes, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

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